LIMITED EDITION (North of Cordovan) • A008. Alstad Carry

$259.00 USD


Call us old school but we still carry a notebook around. The Alstad Carry works even better as a secure passport cover when traveling. The secure closure works with any pencil or slim pen design and keeps your passport safe inside the cover throughout the entire airport security check-in and boarding experience. The Alstad Carry also has two card slots and room for folded cash.

Precision laser cut and engraved North of Cordovan "N.Cor" leather. This unique design is stitched by hand using saddle stitching and waxed multi-ply polyester thread for outstanding durability. Edges are beveled and burnished with bees-wax to a natural, high gloss finish.


This item is assigned with a serial number identifying style, material, maker and an individual number truly making it a "one of a kind" item.


All numbered ALSTAD products are well documented and hold a lifetime guarantee. 


Hand selected Horween™ vegetable tanned equine leather, also known as "North of Cordovan" used for its particularly tight grain and unique pattern. The leather is finished with arguably the best leather conditioner on the market (Ko-Cho-Line by Carr&Day&Martin / supplier of leather care product to Her Majesty the Queen of England herself) a wax free leather conditioner allowing the leather to darken and inherit a rich natural patina over time.


The perforated pattern is specifically designed to match the stitch spacing of each product. The 1.15mm diameter of each perforation is large enough to allow air to pass through but small enough not to let others see what's inside.

SIZE: 6" x 5" x 0.5" 

COLOR: Perforated N.Cor, Natural thread color


Our LTD products are using materials that are not always available, if on backorder please contact us at for availability and estimated delivery time.